Namiya Brand Story


The Inspiration

"The Miracles of Namiya General Store” is a popular Japanese novel based in 1980 Japan, where at night when the store is closed, those who are troubled by problems in life would leave letters at the store through a post hole seeking guidance . They will then receive hand written replies of advice from the owners of Namiya. The story then surrounds the letter exchanges between the store and anonymous writers, slowly unveiling the miracles of Namiya.

We hope to bring this concept to life, capturing customers not just through the traditional retail sales point but also through emotional connection, creating a safe space where hopes and miracles can felt and encouraged.


The Background

Namiya Home&Kitchen Grocery Store was founded in October 2020. Born in the 1980s, the founder went through some unimaginable hardship and unfortunate events in the past few years.  Without given a chance to recover, they were then thrown into the deep end of the Coronavirus global pandemic. With the retail market and general economy plummeting into the ground, things were starting to look more and more hopeless. 

Having spent every moment in despair, she came across a Japanese novel that gave her great comfort, "Worry-free grocery store miracle" written by Keigo Higashino, a letter that travels through time and space in the novel. The birth of a beautiful miracle brought her a lot of comfort and courage to survive the desperate situation, warmed her heart, and gave her hope of starting anew.

Turning adversity into opportunity, the founder gathered her team and brought the miracle of Namiya into reality, and created this worry-free grocery store in Australia to share the hope and power this novel gave her in the most desperate of times. 


Words from Founder
I believe that everyone’s life cannot be smooth sailing. Everyone will experience different troubles at different times. No matter how strong people are, they will lose their direction for a short time. No matter how strong people are, there are also fragile moments. I hope that others can also find hope in adversity, because being defeated is also an opportunity for a better rebirth, miracles are waiting to be discovered and made.

Thanks to the author of this book for bringing such a warm novel to the world. I am also very grateful to my friends, family and my small team who supported me unconditionally and helped me throughout the process.

I want to thank my dog ​​Bella, who can’t understand much, but on every desperate and sad night, she silently guards me, showing me the light of pure happiness. Rain or shine, she always greets me with a bubbly personality and a waggy tail when I get home. She's heart-warming and sweet, much like the warmth of Spring, always thankful just to be with me. I've put Bella in the portrait of the shop as seen above, the story of us growing and evolving together will also continue. I believe in the beauty of life, and will work hard and live earnestly.  

I am very grateful to all the members of our Namiya team for all the dedication and hard work they have given to the company. I hope we will continue to work hard to create a better future for Namiya."