Rosanjin Plate five Mr plenty Brown swallowing Bowl Set 


[ Box Size]
17.4cm x 34.7cm x 11.8 cm

[Bowl Size]
DIA. 10.4cm x 7.3cm

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Pottery
Package: Wooden Box




Plenty of bowls with various paintings.
Perfect for hospitality that suits the season and the scene.
The simple texture that soothes the hearts of those who touch it is attractive.

Rosanjin, also known as a potter and gourmet.
It is said that he created and produced all the tableware to be used.
The free and open style is still a longing target.
The vessel of Rosanjin was copied and revived in the present age by the technique of Mino ware.

[Kitaoji Rosanjin]
Born on March 23, 1884, in the company building of Kamigamo, Kyoto.
Demonstrated his genius in a wide range of fields such as pottery, calligraphy, seal carving, and painters.
Established "Gourmet Club" and "Hoshioka Saryo", a membership system with high gastronomy.
Based on the belief that "tableware is a kimono for cooking."
He created all the dishes there and made tableware himself.

"Pursuit of beauty and food"
I want to eat delicious food and live.
That is the word of Rosanjin when he was young.
Gourmet lovers sharpen their energy and aesthetics,
Make your own delicious food and serve it in a bowl
I ate it and offered it to others.
At Hoshioka Saryo, a gastronomic club sponsored by Rosanjin, we will create vessels for you to enjoy gastronomy yourself.
I asked Mr. Kanagaki Robun to supervise the charm of the free and free-spirited Rosanjin, and tried to reproduce it in a copy vessel.