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  • Quantity: 1 sake carafe and 2 cups
  • Dimension: Carafe 350ml(11.8oz), Cup D5.5cm(2.16in) x H4cm(1.57in)
  • Material: Pottery - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan

The sake set is adorned by an elegant silver leaf gives it a luxurious quality.

The sake carafe and cup are decorated with silver leaf, creating a sense of luxury in the traditional plum design.

It comes with 1 sake carafe and 2 sake cups.


It is perfect for a special occasion when enjoying sake alone or with guests, and also an extraordinary gift for ones who love sake.


Kutani Ware
 Kutani ware is a style of Japanese porcelain first established by Goto Saijiro after the mid-seventeenth century. Production of Kutani ware ceased at the end of the 17th century, but commenced again in the 19th century. The porcelain style is known for five colors: red, yellow, green, purple and navy, which are used to paint over dynamic line drawings.