Handmade-Painted Tapestry - Cat



DIA: 20cm x 50cm

Material: Linen

Country of manufacture: Japan

Package: Individual box


Craftman Brand Since1954It is a folk handicraft brand in the Seto area

All over Japan, each shrine and temple you may drop in on sells small omamori—loosely translated, the word means amulet (as a form of protection) or talisman (as a provider of luck), and the kanji at the heart of the word means “to guide or protect.” They are meant to be put on or in your phone, purse, wallet, home wall, pocket, or the like. Whether you believe their efficacy may be due to a placebo effect or a higher power’s blessing, they are fiercely popular—especially during the New Year holidays and testing season for students.


Hand-painted tapestry. If decorated, you can create a space of nature and Japanese. Since we draw pleasantly with each one piece, please understand that the picture may differ slightly.